Rhythm X Rhythm X

Manchester Rhythm X Championship

A very special venue, built for the Commonwealth Games and the official training track of Team GB and where we held the 2017 Morley Rhythm X Cup.

What this track lacks in gradient, is more than made up for by having the highest/fastest start ramp of any Rhythm X track so far!
It’s indoors so there is no wind resistance to battle against and it’s easy to generate speed on it’s meticulously groomed features!

Competition entry is £15 First 30 Riders will receive a souvenir water bottle

16:00 to 19:00


Spectators are free.

For any enquiries or to register please contact us using the form below.

Categories, Open (16+) , Masters (35+), Ladies (16+),
Juniors (12-16) Groms (<12)

Ladies, Juniors and Grom categories will not race the full track unless the majority of riders the category vote for this.

All riders must complete a Rider entry/disclaimer form before riding, if under 18 it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

If it is deemed by the organisers and/or track official, that a rider can not ride safely. That rider will to asked to withdraw from the competition and will not be allowed to continue to ride, no refund will be given.

A Rhythm X first will see 6 man racing instead of the usual 4 man format!

There will be a post race park sesh at https://beastrampzskatepark.com/after that we will head into Manchester city centre for food drinks and general good times (not included in entry fee)

What is Rhythm Cross?

It is four to six-man mountain board racing on BMX tracks!

How is it different to Boarder Cross?

BMX tracks are not as downhill as traditional BX tracks, so speed must be generated mostly by the rider. Not all riders have the skill or fitness to do this. But with practice the skills and fitness you build on a BMX track, will make you faster when you get back on the dirt!

Why BMX tracks?

They are built to a very high standard and the features like large tarmac berms create offer multiple racing lines and exciting racing.

They are normally situated in urban areas and often in public parks, this give us the opportunity to show off mountain boarding to the general public.

BMX’ers are very friendly, they like and support what we do, without the support of local BMX clubs Rhythm Cross events would not be possible.

What’s next?

The short-term goal of Rhythm Cross is, that along with other disciplines such as BX, Freestyle, Park and Street riding, is to increase awareness of the sport and encourage more people to try it.

The long-term goal is to eventually have tracks built with mountain boards in mind, creating a perfect hybrid of BX and RX, i.e. the build quality of a BMX track but with a greater downhill gradient so we can get the extra speed to really start airing features like the bikes do. We hope that eventually Rhythm Cross and Boarder Cross will blend together, to become the De Facto race format for mountain boarding.

In the mid-term we have identified and will continue to find existing BMX tracks that have been built with a constant downhill gradient to make RX accessible to riders of all abilities to race. We currently compiling a short list of new tracks for 2019 events.

Single man pump tracks?

Bike pump track events have become popular over the past few years, with bikers racing against the clock. When we find the right track, there is no reason why us boarders can’t whip around with as much style and speed as the bikes. In 2019 we hope to run the first event in this format.

Riders around the country are talking to their local councils and BMX clubs around to find and improve existing tracks for future racing.

If you have a track near you that you want to develop, put an event on feel free to message us and we can offer advice and support on how to go about it, even if it’s a completely independent event to the RX series we are still happy to help!